Sunscreen Blinds

If you’re looking for top-quality sunscreen blinds, we have exactly what you want. Blinds Emporium has a huge selection of the latest sunscreen blinds on the market.

Sunscreen blinds basics

Sunscreen blinds are special types of blinds that act as filters of strong light and glare. They let you see out, but they eliminate the light problems in your living space. They’re particularly useful in preventing the sort of deterioration strong light can cause to fabrics and the damage to electronics subjected to severe light and heat.

Choosing sunscreen blinds

The choice of sunscreen blinds is all about quality. Sunscreens must be able to do their job properly to block the damaging light. Good sunscreen blinds are made from very high-quality fabrics specifically designed to withstand very strong sunlight.

Blinds Emporium sunscreen blinds

We only select superior fabrics in our sunscreen blinds range. The ferocious Australian sun requires very strong fabrics that can take the light and heat and still look great. We have a huge range of colours and these sunscreens are perfect for interior décor. Send for our free sunscreen fabric samples and see for yourself the superior quality of our sunscreens.

Blinds Emporium – top-quality sunscreens for the Australian environment

Our Australian-made sunscreens are designed to be tough and dependable in the Australian environment. These sunscreens are top of the range, and they’ll do the job for you in any location. All Blinds Emporium sunscreens come with our five-year warranty.

Want some practical advice, or want to ask some questions?

If you have questions about our sunscreens, you can call us anytime. Our staff will give you practical assistance, product information, and advice. They can also help with the critical first issues like sunscreen selection, measuring for your new sunscreens, and advice about installation. We’re happy to help, so give us a call.