Blinds Emporium Hobart

Adapting your home design to Hobart’s varying weather conditions can be challenging. The home owner needs to protect their house from the summer sun and glare, as well as allowing for enough good light to get in during winter.

Our blinds incorporate the best modern styles with practical versatility for climates which experience extremes. We offer our clients a huge range of designs and functions in blinds from which to choose.

Our wide range of blinds provides multiple options:

  • Roller blinds - This big range of UV and heat blocking roller blinds includes a lot of flexibility in design for home owners. You can find excellent matches for your décor and lifestyle as well as managing your lighting and climate issues.

  • Double roller blinds - These extremely popular and practical double roller blinds are perfect for managing privacy, décor and lighting needs. The two ply blinds give a very wide range of design options without compromising on practical values.

  • Roman blinds - Roman blinds are very much the designer’s choice option for multiple lighting and style issues. They’re ideal for any interior and provide excellent light management.

  • Motorised blinds - These blinds are the favourite choice of home owners with large window spaces. The new remote controlled motorised blinds include all the design options and functional capabilities of our other types of blinds as well.

Blinds Emporium - Top Australian products, full client service and support

Our Australian-made blinds are high quality products. They’re designed to manage Australian climate conditions in all its extremes.

All Blinds Emporium blinds have a 5 year warranty. You’ll get excellent prices on top quality blinds and fast, responsive client service and support when you shop with us.

Want more information, or have some questions?

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