Blinds Emporium Darwin

Trying to find top quality blinds for your place in Darwin? The Blinds Emporium range of blinds has everything. Our big selection includes the latest blinds on the market and good prices too, if we say so ourselves.

Our range of blinds has exactly what you want:

  • Roller blindsthe Blinds Emporium range of roller blinds includes new UV and heat blocking blinds, perfect for the Top End heat. We have a gigantic selection of fabrics and colours as well, so come and explore our range and see what we can do for you.

  • Double roller blinds double blinds are an excellent design choice. They’re perfect for managing strong light and heat. The Blinds Emporium double blinds range includes a wide choice of styles and options for any home.

  • Roman blinds roman blinds are ideal for individual rooms and shading particular areas of a home. They’re legendary among professional interior designers for their suitability for any décor and personalizing the look of a room. Roman blinds are also excellent light managers, blocking light very effectively and simply.

  • Motorised blinds motorised blinds are the new benchmark homeowner’s choice for big modern homes with a lot of window space. These remote controlled motorised blinds are great for handling the tropical sun and coastal light. They provide a fabulous all-round look and instant privacy as well.

Blinds Emporium — Australian made, tough enough for Australian conditions

Blinds Emporium blinds are 100% Australian made. They’re designed to survive our sun and moody climate. All our blinds are covered by our five year warranty.

Need to know more?

Call us and we’ll help you with everything you need. Our people can assist you with all the practical issues of blind selection, product information, installation, and measuring for your new blinds. We’re glad to help, so call us any time.