Why Cheaper Is Not Better

Many people shop by price, always looking for the ‘best deal’ – or what they think is the best deal. However, always remember that you get what you pay for and generally it is best to go with a mid-priced option when shopping for any product or service. Going for an item that is not the cheapest, but also not the most expensive, is a good way to get better quality and an affordable price.

Window treatments are one of those items in which cheaper definitely is not better. The big retailer advertising on TV a 50% off sale should be the first warning to you. Do your research and google reviews on these TV advertisers.

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Wake Up Your Decor for Spring with Bold Geometrics

Wake Up Your Decor for Spring with Bold GeometricsAfter a dreary winter, nothing is more welcome than the brighter and more colourful days of spring! This is the perfect time of year to make your decor a little bolder as well, by bringing in some cheerful but thoroughly modern geometric patterns. Here are some ideas to wake up your interiors with contemporary colour and design.

If you start with a simple neutral backdrop, going bold for spring is as easy as changing your accessories. Colour palettes such a tan/white/mocha or black/white/grey are very contemporary but they get boring fast! Add colourful geometrics to spice up minimalistic, but functional furnishings. For example, if you have roller blinds with neutral or white fabric, try framing your windows in curtain panels that have a large geometric print.

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A Soft, Romantic Bedroom Built on Turquoise and White

A bedroom is a personal haven and a place to rest, rejuvenate and get in touch with your softer, romantic side. Its appearance should be a reflection of all these things. One of the most romantic looks for a bedroom is a design that is built on a soft watery shade of turquoise blue, accented with white.

This design starts with finding the right shade of turquoise blue – it needs to be soft as a cloud and not too yellow or too dark. It is the perfect colour for the walls, whether your furniture will be white, black or in wood tones. White brings out the beauty of turquoise and it is the perfect choice for large feature items like the bedframe. The combination of turquoise and white also leaves the room feeling clean, fresh and airy.

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Creating Visual Balance: Contemporary Window Treatments

Contemporary decor is beautiful and breathtaking in its simplicity. Minimalist styles that marry function with design is more popular than ever. However, while contemporary decor is sleek and full of drama through the absence of extraneous elements, it can sometimes feel harsh and cold.

One of the big trends in windows is lots of glass and simple, functional window treatments that don’t detract from the architecture of the space or the impressive view beyond. This trend, however, can leave a space feeling cold and unapproachable and it is important to balance spare, functional elements with decorative touches that make a room warm and inviting.

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Why Neutral Is So Perfect for Spring

Why Neutral Is So Perfect for SpringA neutral colour palette makes it easy to update a room or your entire home for spring without having to do any major redecorating or spend a fortune. When neutral colours are used for the main components of a room, it is easy to update the look of the room just by changing the accent colour. Accent colours are typically used in less expensive items like accessories.

Here is how to use this approach for spring or any season.

Create a neutral backdrop

Neutral backdrops can be based on white, grey, beige or tan tones. Use one of these base colours in the largest elements of the room like the walls, ceilings and floors. Also, think of the functional portion of your window treatments, such as blinds, shades or roller blinds, as part of the neutral foundation. More colour can be added to your windows with curtain panels if you want to add drama or coordinate with other elements.

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Tips for Cleaning Your Window Screens

Looking through clean window screens is one of life’s simple pleasures. It’s not difficult to do – it just takes some time and elbow grease. It’s a great job to do in early spring before the temperature gets too warm.

You can clean your screens outside or in a bathtub with ordinary household products.  Before you begin on the screens, be sure to get your curtains or roller blinds out of the way. Vacuum them first and then push them out of the way or remove them entirely from the window by lifting them out of the mounting brackets. If you have motorised blinds, you’ll need to call an electrician to help you remove them.

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Great Window Treatment Options for Spring

Great Window Treatment Options for SpringWhen temperatures start warming up and the days get brighter and warmer, we tend to focus our attention to the colour, scents and warmth right outside our window. And we like to make the most of our windows, so that we can enjoy the view and warm breezes.

However, Australians know all too well that the welcome warmth of spring is followed by the searing heat of summer, so we need window treatments that transition the seasons. Here are two outstanding options that are perfect year round, and especially during the warm weather months when you need to adjust the amount of light and heat coming through your windows.

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The Benefits of Motorised Blinds

Long gone are the days where motorised window blinds were reserved for the elite, with prices now affordable for the average buyer. Motorised window blinds, shades and draperies offer a large number of benefits and can be helpful to those suffering from dexterity issues. Families with young children can also benefit, with no need to fear cords that can be dangerous.

Houzz took a look at four more benefits to motorised window furnishings:

Large windows: when you are lucky enough to have a large window, one drawback is that blinds can sometimes be too heavy for one person to lift. A motorised blind eliminates this.

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Say Goodbye to Winter and Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Interior designer Karen Sealy believes that a home’s decor should change with the seasons. During winter, homes should feel warm and cosy, but in summer, they should feel fresh and breezy.

Sealy offered these tips for transforming your winter home into a summer one with just a few simple changes:


Colour is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. Try keeping furnishings neutral and then as the seasons change, alter the cushions, art and lamps. This summer, the big colours will be yellow and pink, so have a bit of fun with it. Just be sure to take it through to several rooms so it doesn’t just look like a summer afterthought.

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A Botanically Inspired Living Room for Spring

A Botanically Inspired Living Room for SpringSpring is all about renewal and rejuvenation – timely inspiration for a living room makeover! Botanic inspired decor is perfect for this time of year because it reflects the beauty of the outdoor world and brings it indoors.

Windows are especially important this time of year because it’s pleasant to have them open and uncovered so you can enjoy the fragrant spring breeze. Start with a good cleaning of your windows, screens and window treatments. This is also a great time to choose window treatments that give a nod to Mother Nature. For example, roman blinds with wooden battens are ideal for decor that features natural wood flooring and trim, and a botanic colour palette built on muted greens, neutrals and browns. For a clean, modern look, simple textured blinds in any neutral shade are also easy to mix and match with other items. For example, you can pair blinds with curtain panels that have a tonal leaf pattern or something that is more vibrant, such as a botanic pattern in coral, tan and olive green.

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