Blinds Emporium Adelaide

Wherever you live in Adelaide, you’ll know about the need to manage heat and glare in your home. The best option is to have top quality blinds designed to handle the Australian sun and heat. The Blinds Emporium range of the latest modern blinds is Australian-made for Australian conditions.

Our blinds are true designer products, providing a great look while doing the heavy duty work of keeping your home cool.

Our range of blinds gives you plenty of design options:

  • Roller blinds - Our UV and heat blocking roller blinds include a big selection of design options. Choose your blinds with our online colour and design selections, and get samples to see which is best for your home.

  • Double roller blinds - The very popular and very versatile double roller blinds provide a combination of décor values and climate management. Browse through our range and you’ll find a lot of choices and plenty of scope for your interior design ideas.

  • Roman blinds - Elegant handmade Roman blinds are perfect for any environment, providing both a stylish look and excellent light management options.

  • Motorised blinds - For big window spaces, our remote controlled motorised blinds are the smart, easy way to handle light and heat. They’re particularly popular in the big new modern homes with large glass frontages.

Blinds Emporium - Top of the range Australian products, top quality design

Our blinds are top in their market. They’re designed to provide real protection from the sun and match the most demanding modern Australian interiors.

All our blinds come with a standard 5 year warranty. You’ll get good deals on high quality blinds and great client service and support as well.

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You can call us any time if you need to know more about blinds selection or have some questions about blinds for your home. Our expert staff are happy to help, and we’re just a phone call away when you need us.